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RXAS has built our reputation on consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.

R/X Automation Solutions Inc. (RXAS) is focused on providing our Pharmaceutical and Health Care customers cutting edge technology to improve operational efficiency, increase production accuracy and decrease total cost of operation of production. Our industry network and innovative research and development programs have proudly become the Company’s trademark. RXAS has built our reputation on consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.


On the Cutting Edge of Pharmacy Automation

Based on our combined 80 years of process development in demanding industries, the R/X Automation Solutions team has developed and streamlined an extremely efficient organization to bring our cutting edge technology from concept to reality. This process has led to both product line success and an unparalleled ability to respond to individual custom engineering challenges. As a Full Service provider, RXAS is distinguished from our competition by involving the customer from concept to completion of every project; continuing throughout live production.

Going forward, RXAS will continue our on going program to develop industry alliances that enhance our ability to bring quality products and exceptional service to our customers.

RXAS – Helping You to Realize the Full Benefits of Pharmacy Automation


RXAS manufactures all our pharmacy process tools to optimize efficiency in the order fulfillment process. Through utilization of proprietary advanced automation designs and engineering principals, we achieve process sequence timings, coordinated tools orchestrations and user interface methods to produce the shortest cycle times and most efficient throughput protocols available in the industry.

Increase Production Accuracy

RXAS employs disciplines at every step of the fulfillment process, from bottle labeling through to completed order packaging and manifesting that advance production accuracy. Continuous cross checking, high speed dual imaging, color recognition, 1D and 2D barcode tracking, RFID technologies and 3-point validation controls are all technologies RXAS developed and utilizes to increase your pharmacy’s production accuracy.

Decrease Cost of Operation for Production

Reducing the cost per prescription filled has been the core mission of RXAS since 2004. RXAS process tools are designed to reduce the number of personnel required to achieve desired production volumes. From three-fold decrease in labor required with RXAS semiautomatic tools to achieving a seven-fold decrease in labor with our automated process tools, reducing operational costs is the backbone of the RXAS product line.

Custom Engineering Challenges

For many years, RXAS has a proven track record of solving engineering challenges. Engineering challenges in pill counting, unit of use dispense & labeling, continuous motion weighing and imaging, order verification, capping, sorting, depucking, dispense to ship (DTS), packing, inventory management and pharmacy control have been solved by the product development team at RXAS.

Our Software Partner

Our partner company, R/X Information Technology, Inc., is a software development company dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical fulfillment industry.

Representing decades of experience across many types of pharmacy automation, RXIT provides consultation on industry-standard best practices, all while working with your organization to develop custom processes and software that integrates seamlessly with your business.

Located in beautiful Boulder County, Colorado. Only 45 minutes from Denver International Airport.

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